Expert Carpet Cleaning Services in Edmonton for a Dust-Free, Stress-Free Life




Experience Cleaner Carpets for a Healthier Home

There’s no feeling quite like returning to a pristine, clean home. Beyond its visual appeal, a thoroughly cleaned home also rids itself of allergens, molds, harmful bacteria, and viruses that can pose health risks. The result? A healthier living environment that benefits everyone.

However, the foundation of a clean home begins with clean carpets. Even with regular vacuuming, carpet fibers collect dirt, dust, dust mites (microscopic bugs), allergens, bacteria, and viruses. As you walk across your carpet daily, these particles become airborne, potentially jeopardizing your health.

Fortunately, Dust Queen’s regular carpet cleaning services can eliminate these health hazards while prolonging your carpet’s life and restoring it to its original beauty. This is why we recommend homeowners schedule carpet cleaning at least once a year.

carpet cleaning with confidence

How Our Carpet Cleaning Works

Dust Queen’s skilled technicians initiate the process with a thorough vacuuming to remove dust, dirt, and hair from your carpets. Following this, we employ a hot-water extraction method and odorless cleaning products that are safe for people, animals, and the environment. This approach ensures a deep clean with no residues left behind


We employ self-contained, portable cleaning units and truck-mounted systems based on the specific requirements of your job. After our intervention, your carpets will not only appear plush and clean but also harbor significantly fewer allergens and health hazards. This transformation creates a healthier environment for you, your family, and your pets.


Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions

Dust Queen offers comprehensive residential cleaning services in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. Our service packages are tailored to meet your specific needs. In every corner of your house, our highly trained technicians will eliminate allergens and germs, leaving your home spotless from floor to ceiling.

Residential Carpet Maintenance

Deep cleaning your carpets goes beyond aesthetics. It improves their appearance, extends their lifespan, and reduces health hazards such as allergens, mold, and bacteria. Our pricing packages are determined by the square footage, number of rooms, and the condition of your carpeting. Contact our customer service representatives today for an accurate quote and bring new life to your carpets.

Emergency/Short-Notice Carpet Clean Up

Life is full of surprises, including minor household emergencies. Dust Queen is here to help. Our technicians are equipped to address carpet clean-up in situations like hot-water tank leaks, basement flooding, or unexpected party mishaps. In case of such emergencies, contact our office at 780-448-4973 to speak with one of our customer service representatives right away.