Terms of service

How Our Prices Are Calculated 

Our estimated flat rate pricing is calculated based on information provided on the Book Now page and/or information gathered by our Customer Happiness Team. Estimated prices are only an approximation and may vary based on size and condition as well as any other elements that may affect the total amount of time required to clean the home. If any additional time is required our Customer Happiness Team will contact the customer to provide additional cost and will require approval from the customer to proceed.

Home Conditions Policy 

Prior to starting the clean, as per our Home Assessment Policy, the assigned crew will do a walk-through assessment and document any pre-existing damages and/or normal wear and tear which we will not be held responsible for; these may include, but are not limited to:

• Any existing loose racks, shelves, shower doors, light fixtures, faucets, etc. not properly secured
• Any existing dents, chips, cracks, or scratches
• Any damages caused as a result of an item not hung properly and/or secured
• Any damaged items as a result of an item being unstable in any way shape or form
• Any pre-existing stains or wear and tear on counter tops, any hard surfaces, floors or carpets

Sentimental Items or Heirlooms

If you have valuables that are sensitive, have sentimental meaning, or are extremely expensive and do not want them touched/cleaned, please advise our Customer Happiness Team as we will add these special instructions to your work order.

Our Accidental Damage Policy 

In the event that one of our Cleaning Technicians should accidentally cause damage, our policy is that the Cleaning Technicians report it to the office immediately. One of our Management Team Members will then contact you, the customer, to discuss whether the item will require repair or replacement.   

Mattress Steam Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning Stain Removal Policy 

Our professionally trained Cleaning Technicians make every effort to remove any pre-existing stains; however, some stains are removable and some are not as it is dependant upon a variety of factors, and is not limited to:

  • Type of stain
  • Any prior attempts to remove the stain by the customer
  • Age of stain

Should you have any questions, comments or concerns please do not hesitate to speak with one of our Customer Happiness Team members at 780-448-4973.

Thanks For Shopping Local!