On the First Day of Cleaning, Dust Queen Gave to Me… 12 Tips for a Spotless Home!

Dec 6, 2023 | Home Cleaning

The twinkle lights are up, and the scent of pine is in the air—it’s the most wonderful time of the year. But amid the holiday joy, it’s also the season for a little extra care for our homes. As we embark on this 12-day cleaning journey, let’s unwrap these tips and discover how you can add that extra touch of holiday magic to your home.

Day 1: Unwrap a Clutter-Free Home
Begin your cleaning symphony by decluttering. Create a clean slate for the festive season.

Day 2: Sleigh the Dust Away
Banish dust using quality microfiber cloths, leaving surfaces gleaming and the air pure.

Day 3: Sparkling Windows for Clear Views
Ensure your home is filled with natural light by keeping your windows sparkling clean.

Day 4: Tidy Kitchen, Merry Cooking
As the heart of holiday gatherings, your kitchen deserves extra attention. Clean out the fridge and create a pristine cooking haven.

Day 5: Jingle All the Way to Clean Floors
Experience the magic of floor care—your home will smell as delightful as it looks with scented floor cleaners.

Day 6: Wrap Up the Clutter in the Living Room
Create a clutter-free space for joyful gatherings.

Day 7: Organize Your Holiday Attire
Prepare for festive occasions by organizing your holiday wardrobe.

Day 8: Savor the Seasonal Scents
Create a natural air freshener with scents of cinnamon, orange peels, and cloves, adding an extra touch of holiday magic.

Day 9: Carol Through the Bathroom Cleaning
Ensure your space is as inviting and refreshing as the winter air.

Day 10: Wrap Up Loose Ends in the Bedroom
Create a serene retreat by folding away the laundry and ensuring your space is ready for restful nights.

Day 11: Light Up the Kitchen Appliances
Make sure your oven, microwave, and dishwasher are spotless and ready for holiday cooking.

Day 12: Cheers to a Clean Home!
Celebrate your hard work and dedication. Your home is now a clean, inviting sanctuary for the holidays.


As we wrap up these 12 days of cleaning tips, we invite you to embark on a season of clean comfort. This December, treat yourself to the gift of a spotless home. Consider using Dust Queen for that extra touch of magic, ensuring your space not only sparkles but also radiates warmth and joy. Dust Queen is here to make your home shine. Discover the Dust Queen difference and let the holiday season shine even brighter. Here’s to a sparkling December and a home filled with the magic of cleanliness!