3 Easy Steps for Keeping Cables Organized

Jul 23, 2019 | Blog, Organization

Sometimes, after a long day of multi-tasking and meetings, your brain is a tangle.

Your technological equipment doesn’t have to be.

But everyone falls into the habit of letting things pile up and get disorganized. From computer cords to stray batteries to charger cables, it’s all too common to lose track of what belongs to whom and which cord connects where.

If you’ve ever felt like one wrong move could have you unplugging your computer and losing all your progress, it’s time to get organized. Check out our 3 Easy Steps for Keeping Cables Organized.


Step 1: Declutter the space

To start keeping devices organized, clear the office of equipment that no one is using. Store away any stray chargers, unattached cords and unused extension cords.

This way, you’re decluttering while also avoiding unwanted damages to your equipment. What’s more exposed is always more vulnerable.

This would also be a good time to dispose of equipment that is damaged or broken. Take them to your city’s designated location for electronic waste management.


Step 2: Organize your storage

Use plastic or fabric dividers in your drawers to create storage departments. This will help you organize your electronics by size and easily access back-up equipment when you need it.

With plastic containers, it’s easier to label each bin. That way, you’ll know exactly where to find what you’re looking for.

Labelling will also make it easier to keep inventory of all items. Post the inventory list somewhere near your equipment storage so everyone can keep track of incoming and outgoing equipment.


Step 3: Clean up your charging stations

Wherever there’s a fully occupied charging station, there’s a jumble of cables. They’ve been plugged and unplugged by a variety of people and probably end up in different places all the time.

If you have several cords that you know are staying there permanently or for a long time, tie them together so you don’t get them mixed up with other cables. Zip ties are pretty cheap — and they’ll help you keep storage compact and clean inside your tech drawers, too.

3 Easy Steps for Keeping Cables Organized

Use cord identifiers to label all the cords on the charging station. You’ll no longer confuse your printer for your computer cables or your sound system. For a lower-cost option, try writing your labels onto washi tape and wrapping the tape around each cord.

Prevent your cables from falling by using clip holders. These life-saving tools have an adhesive bottom that lets them stick to your desk, keeping your wires in place and ensuring they don’t fall when you unplug them. There are tons of different kinds available, and they are invaluable for holding unused cables in place — we’re surprised that more people don’t use them!

3 Easy Steps for Keeping Cables Organized


With less clutter and fewer wires to trip over, we hope you’ll find your mind decluttered, too. Tidying up your workspace can bring you at least some peace in your busy days. And, as a bonus, you’ll be ready for your next thorough office cleaning.