5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Hiring Professional Cleaners

Aug 31, 2020 | Blog

Have you ever tried to clean a commercial workplace by yourself? Then you know it can be a difficult and time-consuming task. When you’re spending the majority of your waking hours at work, do you really want to spend more time cleaning your business’ space?

It may feel like you’re saving money for your company, but hiring a professional cleaner for your business can achieve the same result.

Here are five way your business can benefit, both physically and financially, from hiring professional cleaners:

1. Increased Employee Health

Business owners know that happy employees are productive employees – and your employees are happier when their workspace is clean and fresh.

Healthy employees are also more productive and having your business’ space professionally cleaned will ensure the environment is free of dust, dirt and allergens.

Polluted air is a risk to the health of your employees. Contaminated air is continuously circulated through the building’s HVAC system and research has shown that unhealthy indoor air negatively affects not only physical health, but cognitive function as well.

Imagine how many sick days your employees are possibly using due to poor air quality. Poor air quality has been shown to aggravate the lungs and sinuses, which can lead to sinus congestion, coughing and headaches.

If you want happy, healthy and productive employees who can maintain a steady work flow in order to grow your business, give them the benefit of cleaner air by investing in a professional company.

2. Specialized Tools and Trained Cleaning Staff

Professional cleaners are on top of all the major innovations and developments when it comes to the cleaning industry. They carefully choose the best cleaning materials and equipment and know which tools are most appropriate for which jobs. This means they can carry out cleaning tasks quickly and efficiently, saving your business time and money while delivering an impeccably clean workspace.

Skilled professional cleaners will know when and where to use each tool to ensure high-quality cleaning results. They have received many hours of training, including how to clean all commercial environments.

Our expert cleaners employ a systematic approach to cleaning in order to deliver detailed and consistent service using state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and products.

3. Improved Professional Image

Most offices have basic cleaning supplies, but it’s usually not enough to maintain a thorough and deep clean. While you and your employees may be used to musty smells and noticeable stains, your clients and customers are going to take notice.

Hiring professional cleaners will help improve your professional image by ensuring your business is properly cleaned. This shows the customer that, not only do you take pride in your business, but you are thoughtful of the comfort of both clients and staff. It is telling to potential employees too, who may make assumptions about how you treat your staff based on how you maintain the business space.

4. Frees Up Employee Time

If you don’t have a professional cleaner for your business, it’s likely that you are relying on staff to carry out the cleaning duties. It is also likely that your staff are not trained in commercial cleaning, meaning that the job is not done thoroughly. Your staff may even rush through cleaning to return to their regular tasks.

If this sounds like your business’ cleaning routine, it’s highly likely that you’re only getting a surface clean and not a deep clean, which will ensure disinfection.

It’s great to have employees who are focused on completing the tasks that will benefit your business, but assigning extraneous tasks will negatively affect productivity. When your employees are spending time cleaning instead of working, valuable time is wasted that could be spent on the tasks you hired them for – tasks that lend to the success of your business.

That doesn’t mean employees shouldn’t be responsible for their own messes but the time it takes to clean up dishes, spills and messes caused by one individual is insignificant compared to cleaning an entire building.

5. Long Term Cost Savings

It may seem unnecessary for your business to invest in professional cleaners when your staff can do a job that’s “good enough”. However, hiring professional cleaners is an investment – an investment in your business’s space and its contents.

Maintaining a properly cleaned space will ensure that aspects such as flooring will last longer. For example, carpet with deeply ingrained dirt requires replacing at a high expense. Properly maintaining that carpet, however, avoids heavy stains and damage so that the carpet lasts longer. Same goes for kitchens and bathrooms that are professionally cleaned as well as walls, light fixtures and furniture. This savings can be significant in the long term.

Maintaining a properly cleaned space is beneficial to the resale value should you decide to expand your growing business. Keeping all of those “replaceable” elements in excellent condition will be attractive to a potential buyer.

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