How Janitorial Services Help in Creating a Safer Workspace

Nov 12, 2018 | Blog, Janitorial Services

Achieving and maintaining hygiene of working space is a basic prerequisite for the health and safety of people working in them. Given the high degree of risk and health effects that are hidden in dirt, dust, and moisture, it is essential to comply with the basic rules for maintaining optimum hygiene conditions. Apart from cleaning the space used on a daily basis, deep cleaning and disinfection of air ventilation system is important for the general well-being of workers.

Read below to learn how professional space cleaning experts can help you maintain cleanliness and how janitorial services create a safer workspace.

Clean and Dry Floors

Wet and slippery floors can easily lead to minor injuries, so it is essential to keep the workplace floors clean and dry. Most accidents at workplace, such as slipping or falling, occur due to infrequent cleaning or slow response to spills and you can prevent them by having an efficient janitorial service.
Taking care of workspace floors is a lot more challenging than it seems. For example, not all cleaning products fit all types of floors. Some products, like alkaline cleaners, are better at cleaning restaurant floors and tiles. Others like acidic cleaners remove rust, corrosion, and scale. Using the wrong cleaner can damage the floors and cause more harm than good.

In order to avoid the hassle with cleaning floors, some companies choose floor mats since they absorb much of the dirt and moisture from the bottom of the shoes. But that means it also absorbs and holds a lot of germs which are hazardous for employees. This is why you should also look to have a professional cleaning service to maintain your floor mats and help you keep a healthy environment.

Biological Hazards

It is a known fact that germs easily spread throughout the workplace. Employees, as well as customers, coming in and out of the workplace, can quickly bring and breed infectious bacteria and viruses, toxic molds and fungi. These health hazards can lead to short-term and long-term illnesses. Workplace inspections don’t always reveal them, so using proper disinfectants will mitigate the damage, especially during the flu season. These hazards can enter the body in many ways, including inhalation, ingestion or absorption through the skin. Janitorial services in Edmonton use CEPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectants that prevent germs from multiplying.

Proper Air Filtration

Air pollution is not something that only affects the outdoors. Indoor air pollution can be just as harmful. It is common in many commercial spaces and can be a big problem. Toxic chemicals such as fumes, dust, gases, vapors and toxic liquids create an unsafe environment. Employees who are exposed to low-quality air for an extended period get sick more often and can develop allergies. Vapors and fumes can cause eye and skin irritation, while toxic gases can develop asthma and other breathing problems. Building a proper ventilation system is only part of the job. Keeping it clean is much more important.

HVAC system filters need to be regularly replaced and cleaned by commercial janitorial services. It prevents saturation and potential microbial growth. Using dehumidifier will maintain proper humidity level and avoid concerns of odor. Using high-efficiency particulate air, or HEPA vacuums will remove solid particles completely. Eliminating air pollutants will create a clean workspace and increase health and productivity of employees.

Disposal of Waste

Proper disposal of waste not only reduces clutter but also removes breeding ground for pests and germs. Taking out trash sounds like an easy job, but leaving it to employees can lead to contamination of workplace and deepen the treatment cost. Professional janitorial services will help you label the wastebaskets and ensure proper recycling of materials. It will aid in meeting the legal obligations and avoiding penalties or fines, as businesses in some industries have a legal responsibility to dispose specific products properly. This will also raise the morale of your staff and increase the reputation and image of your company as environmentally aware and safe.

Green Cleaning

Creating a safer and healthier workspace doesn’t only mean cleaning it. Not all products are the same, and some can contaminate workspace, leaving toxic chemicals, fumes, and vapors in the air. This affects your employees in the long run and can turn potential customers away. Cleaning companies and janitorial services in Edmonton use highly certified non-toxic, organic and biodegradable products and eco-friendly cleaning techniques.


Providing a safe and healthy workspace does not only benefit your employees but boosts the image of your company and increases productivity. Cleanliness is a sign of professionalism. Cleaning company and commercial janitorial services help you keep the work environment hazard free. They also minimize workload, so manpower is better directed and focused elsewhere.

Germs and other bacteria will cause higher employee absence, so proper cleaning and waste disposal can minimize the risk of short-term and long-term illnesses. A healthier workspace will also result in more motivated workers and less stress.