Steps for Organizing Your Bathroom

Mar 7, 2020 | Bathroom, Blog

The smallest room in your home is also the one that needs the most attention when it comes to organization.

Bathroom items and products quickly accumulate and, if you aren’t keeping them organized, they will eventually take over your bathroom. Having to much stuff taking up too much space can make cleaning an arduous and stressful chore.

Luckily, because bathrooms tend to be smaller spaces, it doesn’t take a whole lot to get the clutter under control. By purging unwanted items and making use of the space you have, you can easily organize your bathroom.

Steps for Organizing Your Bathroom

Step One: Declutter

In order to organize your bathroom, you need to get rid of items you don’t need or use. Some likely culprits are expired products and products you don’t use. Pay particular attention to items such as old towels and facecloths, unworn cosmetics, extra makeup brushes, stretched out hair ties, goopy nail polishes and bath toys outgrown by your children.

Be sure to get rid of any expired medications. Over-the-counter medications should be properly sealed and placed in the trash. Prescription medications should be disposed of at your local pharmacy.

Step Two: Clear Off Your Counters

You should only use about 1/3 of your counter space and focus on placing items toward the back. Keep products on your counter that you use regularly such as hand soap and hand lotion. Use a small tray to corral these items so they don’t end up shifting around your counter space.

Step Three: Organize the Cabinets Under Your Sink

Because there are pipes under your bathroom sink, you may want to avoid placing paper products (such as extra toilet paper) under there.

Opt instead for small totes with covers. You can store hair accessories and makeup in these and place them under your sink along with your cleaning supplies.

Step Four: Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

If you have a medicine cabinet over your sink, you can use this space to store small and frequently used items.

Consider placing items such as medication, band aids, eye drops, cotton swabs and nail clippers in your medicine cabinet. Use small drinking glasses or jars to organize everything.

Step Five: Organize Your Drawers

Some bathrooms are designed with drawers that allow for more storage space. However, if you are not careful, you may find yourself with a junk drawer full of random and useless items.

Use small baskets or dividers to organize these drawers. Depending on the size of the drawer, this may be a great place to keep hair straighteners and brushes or extra facecloths and soaps.

Step Six: Organize the Shower and Tub

Yes, even your shower and tub need to be organized. Those tiny built-in shelves can easily become crammed with shampoos, conditioner, body washes and razors. Take advantage of the built-in space by placing only frequently used items in your shower. You can store infrequently used items elsewhere or get rid of them altogether.

Step Seven: Organize Your Linen Closet

The linen closet is a wonderful blessing but can quickly become a nightmare if not organized properly.

Keep frequently used items, such as towels and facecloths, within reach on lower shelves and infrequently used products on higher shelves. You can store smaller items in bins or baskets for easy access as well as your extra toilet paper.

Step Eight: Create Additional Storage

Your bathroom may not come with a lot of storage but, with a few key pieces, you can add storage to a bathroom of any size. Here are tips to creating additional storage in your bathroom:

Creating Additional Storage in Your Bathroom

  • Make use of the cabinet door. You can actually attach little shelves and hooks to the inside of the cabinet door to hold toothbrushes and toothpaste or to hang hairdryers and curling irons.
  •  Install a shelving unit over the toilet. The vertical space above the toilet often goes to waste. You can easily purchase a shelving unit that is designed to go above and around your toilet.
  • Add a dresser for extra drawer space. If the space in your bathroom allows for it, you can add a dresser to hold towels and facecloths. Just keep in mind that the moisture from the shower and tub can affect wooden furniture.
  • Install hooks to hang towels. Hanging your towels is beneficial since it allows them to dry quicker and more thoroughly. Install hooks into your wall or purchase a hook unit that hangs over your door.
  • Add a tall narrow shelf. Again, vertical space is often wasted in bathrooms. If you have space for a tall and narrow shelf, put one in and use baskets to organize more of your bathroom items.
  • Add wall shelves. There is probably some very useful space on the walls around your mirror and sink. Install small shelves to hold makeup or other lighter items.
  • Purchase a shower caddy. These amazing little shelves are designed to fit around your shower nozzle and provide extra storage for smaller items such as bars of soap, razors and bath scrubbies.

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