5 Things Everyone Should Do When Moving into a New House

Apr 3, 2019 | Blog, Home Cleaning

Moving can be one of life’s most stressful events. Between packing, cleaning, booking movers and just finding a new home, there is a lot to do. Moving can also be an exciting time, though! It can be a fresh start: a chance to de-clutter, reorganize and start good habits for a cleaner, healthier home. Packing and move-out cleaning get a lot of attention, but these five things everyone should do when moving into a new house will make sure you have the best start in your new home.

1) Change the Locks

A set of keys may have been handed over, but you don’t know how many people might have copies of the keys to your new home. For peace of mind, have the locks replaced. Don’t just have them re-keyed, take the opportunity to update the hardware completely. If you’re handy, you can replace the deadbolts yourself, or you can hire a locksmith. Along with changing manual locks, reprogram any garage doors. If you’re unsure how to do this, contact the manufacturer.

If you’re especially security-conscious, install a security system or activate the existing system.

2) Clean the Carpets and Floors

For a literal fresh start, start with clean carpets. Carpet fibres collect dirt, dust, dust mites, allergens and even bacteria and viruses that regular vacuuming won’t entirely remove. How do you clean your carpets to make sure your new home is a healthy environment for everyone? You can rent a carpet cleaner and do it yourself, but rental machines do not reach the same high temperatures or have the same power as professional machines, resulting in less thorough results. Professional cleaning services have the equipment, knowledge and skills to make your carpets look fresh as new.

Take the opportunity to clean all the floors before moving in any furniture. Vacuum every corner, mop tiles and linoleum, and treat wood floors.

3) Clean Cupboards and Closets

Before you unpack your boxes, clean and vacuum cupboards, cabinets, closets and other storage areas. Apply fresh shelf and drawer liners. Purchase new clothes hangers, storage containers, and organizers. Give as much care and attention to your move-in cleaning as your move-out cleaning. Make your new home feel like yours by removing any dirt, allergens and germs left by the previous owner or tenant.

For a stress-free move-in, professional cleaning services offer comprehensive and detailed cleaning. We offer full-service residential cleaning in Edmonton and surrounding areas, with service packages customized to your needs.

Things Everyone Should Do When Moving into a New House

4) Pest Inspection and Control

Make sure there are no unwanted visitors in your new home. Pests, including insects and rodents, can carry disease or damage the home. Dealing with a pest problem after moving in will be more frustrating and difficult. You may have to leave the home for extended periods of time while the problem is being dealt with. Spray for bugs and lay traps before moving in. If you have more serious concerns, have a pest control company inspect the home and address any issues before moving your family and belongings in.

5) Get to know your circuit breaker box and main water valve

Everyone homeowner will eventually have to deal with an electrical or plumbing issue. Knowing where your circuit breaker box and main water valve are, and how they work, will help you respond quickly the first time you find a plumbing leak or blow a fuse.

Once you locate the breaker box, figure out which fuses control which parts of the house and label them. You can figure this out by having one person trip each fuse and another to see which room loses power with each switch.

The main water valve may be inside or outside the house. Turn the knob until it’s off and test it by turning a faucet in the house. If the main valve is off, there should be no water.

Remembering these five steps before you move in will help you make your new home safe, clean and healthy for your family.