Why Should You Do Post-Renovation Cleaning

Apr 25, 2019 | Blog, Home Cleaning

Whether your renovation takes weeks or months, you’ll probably be eagerly looking forward to its end. Unfortunately, just because the contractors have left doesn’t mean you’ll get to enjoy that new sunroom or bathroom just yet. It often surprises people to find that it is not the contractor’s job to deal with the dirt and debris left behind after a renovation. The industry standard is to leave the renovated space “broom-swept”. That means that the contractor will vacuum larger debris, lightly dust and maybe wipe down surfaces. Getting that magazine-ready, fresh renovation look is up to you.

Post renovation cleaning is not like regular home cleaning, and it is very important for the health and wellbeing of your family and home. Renovations create a huge amount of dirt and dust that coats every surface and gets into every crack. Post renovation cleaning is a big job, and hiring a professional service that specifically offers post-renovation cleaning is recommended both for ease and convenience, and because they will know what needs to be done and have the equipment to do it properly.

Residential and commercial cleaners will tackle several main tasks as part of a post renovation cleaning job:


Dealing with renovation dust is one of the main, and most important, parts of post renovation cleaning. Renovations create a large amount of fine dust, which can be harmful to breath in and can damage your home and belongings. Cleaners will wipe down every surface, clean inside storage units, shelves and drawers and clean any linens or furniture that were exposed.

Air Vents and Filters

Airborne dust, which can trigger allergies, sensitivities and other health concerns, can be transported through air ducts to the rest of the house. Ask that cleaners remove and clean air vents and replace exposed filters.


Floors will need to be cleaned to remove dust, dirt and footprints. If you have carpets, you’ll want to hire a carpet cleaning service–or hire a professional cleaning service that can do carpet cleaning as well.


Windows attract dirt, dust and grime which will build up, affecting the quality of light and potentially damaging the window. Window panes and frames will need to be cleaned thoroughly.

window cleaning service

The benefits of hiring a professional cleaning company for post-renovation cleaning are that they will know the tasks that need to be done after a renovation, and have the experience and tools to do them well. Thorough post-renovation cleaning is very important to ensure a safe and healthy home. It is also important to protect your home from damage that can be done by allowing dirt and debris to remain in the home. Renovations are an investment in your property and your quality of life, and proper cleaning is important to safeguard that investment.

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