How to Make Hump Day Your Favourite Workday: 5 Great Wednesday Activities

Jul 8, 2019 | Blog

This might be the most valuable advice you’ll ever get:

Don’t hate Wednesdays.

Most of us struggle to get through the middle point of the week, whether that’s because our energy’s running low, or because we have exciting Friday plans that we simply can’t wait for.

When the only thing between you and your scenic trip to the mountains is a couple of mid-week workdays, of course you’ll consider Wednesday your worst enemy.

But this mindset — the one that makes us call Wednesday ‘hump day’ — is the real obstacle to your joy. The day only crawls because you wake up dreading it. Because you’re not infusing the day with joyful activities and little celebrations of life.

Because, as Loverboy has been singing since 1981, everybody’s working for the weekend.

Since it’s pretty hard to switch off your hatred for hump day, here are some practical ways to make Wednesday a day you look forward to.

1. Lead a morning stretch

If you heard something crack the last time you stood up from your chair, it’s a sign that you need a good stretch.

And sometimes, work mornings are dry—the environment grows dull in the middle of the week when people rush into work and skip quality catch-ups with their colleagues.

Here’s a stone that’ll kill both those birds: round up your team in the boardroom for a Wednesday morning stretch. Give each person the floor to lead one or two stretches. Ten minutes of this should be enough time to breathe, laugh, and chat about the week so far.

And of course, you’ll leave the room feeling refreshed and ready to kick Wednesday’s work in the rear.

2. Play a lunchtime podcast

Pick a good podcast—whether comedic or informative, or whatever your colleagues would enjoy—to share with the workplace at lunchtime.

You can put it on a speaker in the lunchroom and let your colleagues laugh and learn together. Alternatively, email it to everyone and people can listen while they work.

You’ll have something engaging to talk about for the rest of the day!

Here’s what we’d recommend for awesome, work-friendly podcasts:

3. Make the lunch room a game room

The only thing worse than hump day is a hump day afternoon. They just drag on. One way to boost the office’s mood before those sleepy post-lunch hours is to energize everyone with a stimulating board game.

Dedicate Wednesday lunch breaks to a round of games. Something like Jenga or Apples to Apples can get your coworkers energetic and competitive, and lift everyone’s spirits.

Businessman throwing confetti in the air

4. Start Wednesday shout-outs

Another spirit-lifter: cheering and applause. It’s a no-brainer that giving employees recognition boosts morale, and sometimes the small things we accomplish fly under the radar.

That’s whyWednesday shout-outs should join your weekly traditions. In the morning, send an email to the whole office to solicit nominations for a person they believe needs some recognition.

Whether someone had a really successful client meeting, finally washed the coffee pot, or provided tons of help to their colleagues last week, this person deserves a little love.

They’ll appreciate the recognition and the whole office can develop a great habit: celebrating small, everyday victories.

5. Paint the day away

Who said paint night should only be a night thing? Painting is a relaxing activity that’s easy to bond over—but did you know it can also strengthen your memory, train problem-solving skills, and promote stress relief?

Keep it simple. Supply the lunchroom with a palette of watercolours, a few paintbrushes and paper. Print and pin up an example painting for people to follow. Or try some freestyle art if you’re an adventurous bunch.

Don’t let Wednesdays beat the fun out of you, no matter how high the hump. After all, you might as well learn to love the middle of the week. Weekends only last so long.

Want one extra tip for relieving hump day blues? Get a thorough and detailed office cleaning over the weekend to clean the space and clear your mind. Cleaner and healthier spaces promote productivity and employee morale.

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