5 Podcasts Episodes to Clean Your Cluttered Mind

Sep 9, 2019 | Blog, Home Cleaning

Picture frames piling up. Coats collecting in the closet. Books bursting out of shelves.

We all know what clutter looks like at home. But one of the definitions of clutter on dictionary.com calls it “a state or condition of confusion.”

Just like the way we tend to prioritize our physical health over our mental health, most of us are quicker to tidy our homes than to clear out the confused, frustrated, and stressed-out mess that bogs down our brains.

While our dozens of daily responsibilities, relationships, and anxieties pile up, we slowly lose control over our thoughts without even realizing it. Then, we break down.

Thankfully, there are experts on mindfulness who can teach us how to manage and clean up our thoughts.

Yes, that’s right. You can manage what goes on up there. It just takes the right tools, practice, and a little bit of meditation.

Podcasts are a great way to help you learn those tricks—you can listen to them almost anywhere, especially if you have a non-stop life schedule.

Here’s a sampler of phenomenal podcast episodes that’ll put your stress and overwhelming thoughts in perspective and help you find some peace.


1. Silencing the Inner Negative CriticUntangle

Untangle is the perfect podcast for mindfulness. If you’ve ever had a nasty voice inside your head telling you that you’re not good enough, this is for you.

Teacher and author Mark Coleman shares fascinating stories from the turning point in his life—and pinpoints what has been making him stressed and unhappy. The practical tools that this particular episode offers can teach you to have more peaceful talks with the multiple critics and personalities (like the perfectionist, the killjoy, and the nitpicker) inside your head.


2. Unhook from Your PhoneThe Sunday Edition with Michael Enright

There’s something very few people want to hear.

5 Podcasts Episodes to Clean Your Cluttered Mind

“It is hard to escape.” These opening words position Michael Enright as our voice of reason, echoing the words we tell ourselves every day. He tells us that the lives of app designers and Silicon Valley companies depend on getting you addicted to so-called persuasive technology—and it’s working.

From the advent of TV advertising in the 1950s all the way to click-bait headlines on our phone screens, persuasive messaging has been stuffed into our minds for a long time.

And that’s a huge part of our clutter problem.


3. Why is My Life So Hard? – Freakonomics Radio

Explaining the fascinating reasons behind sibling favouritism, hating your favourite sports team, and feeling disadvantaged, this Freakonomics Radio episode uses psychological research to help you untangle why you feel stressed about life.

This informative episode of a legendary podcast invites experts for an eye-opening discussion on stress and other universal challenges that impede us, and on what (we believe) makes our lives tough.


4. MentalclutterThe Minimalists Podcast

“Every little thing that’s feeding your greed… I bet you’ll be fine without it,” sings the opening tune of this episode of The Minimalists Podcast.

In this extensive mind-opener, hosts Joshua and Ryan shed light on the impact of our material possessions—and the excess of them—on our mental and emotional states. All our clutter is a physical manifestation of what’s going on inside us.

Answering voice messages from their podcast listeners, these minimalists touch on nearly every question you might have about clearing your mind. That includes how to let go of frustrating thoughts, how to control what you’re thinking, what daily activities are making us want more than we need, and how to distance yourself from worry.


5. Headspace on… SanityRadio Headspace

This quick, 8-minute episode is a must-listen if you ever feel overwhelmed by life in general. Headspace specializes in giving your head, well, space to clear up and heal from the aches and pains of daily life.

The soothing voice of Headspace lets you escape through a deeply relaxing meditation. For this short break from the stressful mental Olympics you trudge through every day while trying to manage all your responsibilities, here’s a chance to focus on one thing only: peace.


After you declutter your mind, keep it that way by decluttering your physical space. Let a professional maid cleaning service take care of the nitty gritty after you clear your material junk—then enjoy your peaceful space and peace of mind.

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