We love Fall!

We love every facet, every character of it – be it back to school, school supplies, the weather, changing the colour of leaves, pumpkins. To put it simply – Everything!

But there are a few things that we don’t really love too.

What are those? The busyness and the hustle that it brings with itself.

If your children are now all grown up, more independent and busier, you will realize it is hard to get time now, especially for cleaning. Obviously, you have to overlap your schedule according to your children’s schedule – for their school, sports, and whatever they want!

However, if you are super intentional with life and want to get things done quickly, we have gathered some great tips for your cleaning efforts for this fall season.

Life Lessons and Easy Cleaning Tips for Fall

We have found that by concentrating on life as per different seasons, works best. Indulge and think about both kind of seasons – be it what things your kids are into and what the actual season requires and is crucial for you.

Here’s why we recommend it.

When you look at tasks with a seasonal approach, it will help you approach your busyness with gratitude and appreciation. As a result, you’ll lessen the hurry and frantic feeling.

Here are our Fall-Must Cleaning tips include:

Get Up Early and Get the Clean-Up Done

Are you looking for slower-paced morning and more time in your day? Then you need to get up a little earlier.

I know it is easier said than done. But think about it. Getting up early in the morning will give you more time for yourself. Also, it feels really nice when the lights are low, and the kids are sleeping. In fact, we bet you’ll get so much more things done in a couple of minutes of quiet early mornings than later in the day.

Start doing your cleanups quietly, and you’ll be left with little work and more day to enjoy when your children are at school.

Plan and Write it Down

Everything you do should be on your calendar or planner or BOTH! This helps you make sure everything is done on time, and you stay on your schedule without ending up in a panic before winter starts.

If you’re looking for a fresh approach, buy a new planner or simply search on google for a free printable version that you can download and print it out. Tick mark things that you’ve done and like – cleaned up the roof gutters, replaced the shelf liners, removed and cleaned the ceiling fixtures, wholly cleaned the refrigerator.

Perform a Pantry Audit

First, remove all cans, boxes, bags from the shelf and vacuum any lingering dust. A lot can build up in a few days. Put all the stuff in the trash that is expired or exhausted. Inspect each item before putting it back. You can download a shelf-life chart for the items from the Internet and throw things based on it.

Add a little Aromatherapy

Do you know what we simply love doing in Fall? Diffusing different essential oils. Mix different oils in the diffuser in equal parts (or you can play with ratio, entirely your choice). This uplifts your mood, and your home will smell really nice – something other than what you made for dinner!

If you are not sure which oils should you mix? Here is an idea.

Our most used scent combinations are Lemon and Clove.

Why? Because it creates a warm and homey fragrance. Lemon brings bright, clean, citrusy scent and clove they add to the warmth of winters (Afterall, winter is coming!)

Most Importantly, Make time for Fun

You don’t have to create a bucket list for fall fun. Just plan a couple of activities with your family, and we know you’ll enjoy it.

For instance, go to a nearby apple orchard to pick apples and make apple sauce or go to a pumpkin patch, long-drive to look at falling leaves, or decorate the mantle.

Involve all your family in the activities, and it’ll take less time to do the stuff and make it more fun. You can always call your children for decorations and spark the creativity in their little heads, for cozy family time!

Don’t Exhaust Yourself, Call Dust Queen

At any point, if you feel it is getting too much and you’re not committed to doing all those things yourself, call us. We are a professional maid service available in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Try us; our cleaning technicians can make your life easy. Also, we are running a special offer on our 30th anniversary, enter our contest to win a $300 Gift Card and make your Fall stunning.