With carpets required to be cleaned annually, many homeowners don’t rely on professional carpet cleaners. Some may view it as a burden, especially if they are diligent about weekly vacuuming, and others may view it as a worthwhile expense, in an effort to keep their carpets in good condition. Here are the pros, cons, and costs of carpet cleaning in Edmonton to help clear your uncertainties.

The Pros of Carpet Cleaning

If you want to keep your carpets in tip-top shape, here are some compelling reasons in favor of carpet cleaning.

  • Health Benefits – Your carpet serves as a filter in your heating system. For instance, it blocks all kinds of allergens, bacteria, dust and other foul things that are circulating in the air. If you want to make sure that the air you and your family are breathing is clean, it’s better to have your carpet cleaned regularly.
  • Long Life – Additionally, having your carpet regularly cleaned is the most effective way to ensure that it will stand the test of time. Nobody wants to face the prospect of a new carpet installation. For operational purposes, your carpet will function for 10 to 15 years, regardless if you clean it or not. If you set aside cleaning your carpet for 5 years, the stains, traffic lanes and general signs of wear and tear will almost inevitably lead you to call a carpet company for a new one before the warranty of your current carpet expires.
  • Appearance Preservation – If you want your carpet to look new and classy, it’s recommended that you have it cleaned every 6 to 12 months. To make sure your carpet will last, check it from time to time for spots and traffic lanes.

The Cons of Carpet Cleaning

Generally, regularly doing carpet cleaning is a very good idea. However, there are situations where doing so will sabotage the health of your carpet.

  • DIY Challenges – Ideally, the notion that you can clean your carpet by yourself should be avoided. Although there are home improvement stores that can provide you with carpet-cleaning rental units, these will still not guarantee the best end results. Using an inferior suction power and low-quality application will just damage your carpet, leaving it damp.
  • Unnecessary Extras – Hiring a carpet cleaning service will definitely cost you a lot of money. But, what’s discouraging about this is the potential hidden costs that carpet cleaners will charge you. That’s why it’s important to watch out for these unnecessary extras.
  • Clean First, Repair Second – This is one of the biggest mistakes you may make regarding your carpet. Getting your carpet cleaned before you repair it will only make the issue worse. Hence, it’s better to repair your buckling or wrinkling carpet first, then contact a pro for the cleaning.

The Costs of Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to the costs of carpet cleaning in Edmonton, you should know what to spend to get the best bang for your buck. In this case, it will depend on what house cleaning packages you choose. Approximately $200 to $260 is the average cost for carpet cleaning in Edmonton, varying between location and the number of rooms you need cleaned.

The Bottom Line

Let’s admit it – regular carpet cleaning Edmonton is a great way to keep your carpet healthy for a long time. However, you also need to be mindful of the potential cons brought about by carpet cleaning. This is why it’s important that you and the contractor discuss your expectations, pricing and the possible additional charges along the way. By doing this, you can undoubtedly get the service you deserve without any surprises.