The Mental Health Benefits of Hiring a Cleaning Company

May 7, 2020 | Blog, Home Cleaning

Do you find yourself exhausted from the never-ending cycle of keeping your house clean? Are you overwhelmed by the mess and don’t know where to start? How ready are you to throw in the towel and resolve yourself to a life of clutter?

There is nothing about the process of housework that comes easily to any family. However, the result of ignoring your household chores can be greatly detrimental to your mental health.

A clean home is a happy home, but getting there can be quite a challenge. Thankfully, expert cleaning companies such as Dust Queen are dedicated to alleviating this source of stress so that you can live in a relaxed and anxiety-free home environment.

Clean Homes Can Improve Mental Health

Having too much clutter around your home can trigger anxiety, drain your brain, cause you to feel overwhelmed, and take away from the precious time and energy you could be spending with your children and family.

When you combine the stress, anxiety, and brain-draining effects of clutter and mess, you’re going to see a negative impact on your mood. It becomes difficult to relax in your own home. Alternatively, a clean home can help reduce stress, anxiety, and even depression.

Here are some other ways in which a clean home can improve your mental health:

  • Increased productivity: When your home is already clean, that’s one less thing to think about, freeing up time and mental capacity to focus on other tasks.
  • Improved relationships: Unfair divisions in domestic responsibility can cause resentment and aggravation in a relationship. Have a clean home reduces the opportunity for these types of arguments and gives couples and families more free time to spend together.
  • Better eating habits: Less time cleaning means more time to plan and prepare healthy, home-cooked meals as opposed to constantly indulging in quick-to-make processed foods.
  • Better sleep: When you reduce overall stress and anxiety, you’ll be rewarded with a better and more restful sleep. This in turn will make you happier and healthier overall!

How Hiring a Cleaning Company Can Help

It’s clear that there are many physical and mental health benefits to having a clean home. This of course can trigger feelings of stress over trying to keep a tidy home. That’s right, the process of eliminating the stress of a messy home can actually cause more stress!

Luckily, there is a solution. Take the stress of cleaning off your plate by hiring a house cleaner.

Here are a few other ways that hiring a housecleaning service can benefit your mental health:

More Time to Focus On Your Family

Money may not buy happiness, but a study conducted by the University of British Columbia showed that using money to buy time was linked to increased happiness.

Time is a precious commodity. Many individuals struggle to find time to enjoy life because their time is taken up by work, school, families, and domestic responsibility. You can’t pay someone to work for you, study for you, or to raise your children, but you can invest in housecleaning to give you more time to do fun things with your friends and families.

Having free time is greatly beneficial to mental health, since it allows you to take care of yourself and nurture your well-being. You need down time in order to decompress and de-stress.

A Clean & Healthy Home

You may find yourself worrying that you don’t have time to thoroughly clean your home and feeling guilty that you don’t make better efforts to do so.

Do you have the time to thoroughly scrub your bathroom and kitchen? These two rooms are cesspools of germs and can be near impossible to clean regularly. Tidying up and wiping down surfaces will help, but a deep clean is the best way to ensure these rooms are adequately bacteria-free.

Making sure that bacteria and dust is removed from all of the surfaces, nooks and crannies of your home will leave your home healthy – resulting in a healthy family as well.

When you hire a house cleaner, such as the professionals at Dust Queen, you can be rest assured that all dust and bacteria (especially in hard to reach places) is removed on a regular basis.

Highly Trained, Experienced Professionals

Professionals cleaning services ensure that the best and safest cleaning products are used. They also guarantee that every inch of your house is cleaned to your satisfaction.

Our expert cleaners at Dust Queen are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of cleaning so that you can focus on more important priorities in your life.

Having a professional clean your home means that you can focus on yourself, your loved ones, and your family. You will have less stress and feel less guilt when you choose enjoying yourself over cleaning your house.

Dust Queen offers flexible cleaning packages to suit your needs and budget. Add the services you need or take out the ones you don’t – we want to meet your needs!

Ready to get your house cleaned? Get your free quote today!